A Brief Outline Of What You Will Learn About

    1. Welcome

    1. Charting Software & Understanding Chart Duration

    2. Phases & Trends

    3. Patterns

    4. Using Moving Averages

    5. Volume & Money Flow

    6. Quiz #1

    1. Trend & Phase

    2. Seasonal & Presidential Cycles

    3. Breadth

    4. Contrarian Sentiment Indicators

    5. Quiz #2

    1. Investing Intro

    2. Finding Buy Candidates

    3. Evaluating Buy Candidates

    4. Rangebound & Breakouts Candidates

    5. Trendline Tests

    6. Refining Your Entry Point With Candlesticks & Bollinger Bands

    7. Momentum Oscillators

    8. Quiz #3

    9. When To Sell

    10. The Correct Way To Use A Stop Loss

    11. Quiz #4

    1. Asset Allocation & Position Sizing

    2. Hedging

    3. Adjusting Portfolio Beta

    4. Incorporating Negatively Correlated Assets

    5. Incorporating Non-Correlated Assets

    6. Quiz #5

    1. Psychology, EWT, The Fed

    2. Quiz #6


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  • 7 hours of video content



Keith has been in the securities industry since 1990 . He is President and Chief Portfolio Manager ValueTrend Wealth Management. The company manages assets through a discretionary investment service for high-net-worth clients. Mr. Richards' articles and interviews appear regularly in the MoneySaver, along with Investors Digest, The Moneyletter,  the Globe and Mail and other newspapers. His appearances on BNN Television have inspired producers to acknowledge him as "one of [our] most accurate technical analysts." Mr. Richards' books, SmartBounce: 3 Action Steps to Portfolio Recovery,  Sideways: Using the Power of Technical Analysis to Profit in Uncertain Times, and his newest book Smart Money, Dumb Money: Beating the Crowd through Contrarian Investing are available in bookstores.


In his spare time, Keith enjoys his family life including a passion for their bullmastiff dogs. He has also been riding and racing bicycles for about 40 years, first on a mountain bike, then moving over to road bike racing and “Time Trialing”. Bike racing suits Keith’s personality, given the scientifically structured approach to training that any serious athlete needs to follow. Keith often compares an athlete's structured training to a structured investing strategy in his writings, including his popular Technical Analysis blog at 





  • What level of investment experience do I need to benefit from this course?

    This course is considered an "Intermediate level" program. While it is presented in simple to understand concepts (something that instructor Keith Richards is known for doing) it will appeal to investors with at least a basic investment knowledge. While the course offers a primer in Technical Analysis, it is best if you have some experience and basic understanding in using stock charts.

  • Does this course cover any sophisticated concepts of Technical Analysis?

    This course was designed to be pragmatic. Your instructor Keith Richards has outlined a step by step process to help you profit and limit your risk in any market. It's an outline of the process that Keith himself created over his 32 year career and has used as Portfolio Manager at ValueTrend Wealth Management. As such, the course does not waste your time in talking about little-used charting methods or complicated analytics.

  • Will this course qualify me to work in the investment industry as a Technical Analysis or Portfolio Manager?

    No. The course is a home-study program designed to help individual investors develop a structured process to investing.

  • What if I need help in understanding any of the material?

    The course provides references to other sources on most of the topics discussed for further insights. You are encouraged to reference these books and websites for more information. The ValueTrend blog ( has a search engine leading you to a myriad of technical analysis subjects.

  • Why is this course offered at such a low cost?

    After 32 years in the industry, Keith decided that part of his legacy is to teach retail investors many of the lessons and disciplines he has acquired as a professional trader, an accredited CMT, and Portfolio Manager. In order to help more people achieve investment success, Keith insisted that this comprehensive course be affordable to a wider audience.